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The Namibian’s investigative unit reports in depth on public interest stories such as irregularities, corruption and abuse of power by private and government officials and entities.

We need help from the public to provide us with tips on activities that might otherwise go unreported.

We fully understand that revealing confidential information is risky but we guarantee the confidentiality of our sources. No communication is fully secure, however we will explain how you can protect yourself when you share public interest story tips with us.



What you need to know about sending us tips and sharing confidential information:

The best news tips include specific details (who, what, where, when) which give us solid information to follow up. A tip should be clear, specific and of public interest. We would appreciate it if your news tip is accompanied by evidence such as official documents, recordings, videos or receipts.

Electronic surveillance and communication interception is a reality. If you want to share confidential information with us on an anonymous basis, you need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each method of getting in touch with us.

We do everything we can to protect our sources’ identities, but you also need to be aware of the risks, and take steps to protect yourself.



The risk: Bulk interceptions of incoming and outgoing emails; hacking into individual email accounts and retrieving messages. Protect yourself: Email us from a once-off/anonymous email account whose address does not identify you. You may send us encrypted or unencrypted email, contact us on how we can communicate.


Protect yourself: Call us from a number or different numbers which cannot be traced back to you. Share general details with us over the phone but avoid specifics that could identify you.

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Post/courier/deliver hard-copy documents or digital documents to us:

The risk: Documents can get lost, or get intercepted before they get to us. You could be spotted delivering documents to us.
Protect yourself: Do not identify yourself on the package or in the documents; get someone who you trust but who is not linked to you to deliver the documents.


Contact us directly with story tips

Email us on

  • [email protected]
  • Phone us (+26461279602)
  • Send a fax to +264279602 (direct it to the investigative unit)
  • Send documents to P. O Box 20783
  • Submit documents at our offices at
    Windhoek West in Windhoek or at our regional offices at Swakopmund, Oshakati and Keetmanshoop. (Direct it to the investigative unit).
  • Contact us via your secured email so that our journalist can connect with you via Signal Messenger on your mobile phone. Signal is considered as one of the best messaging applications at the moment because of its security features.